Welcome to Fabric Bows and More. I have compiled several bow, flower, headband tutorials together in one place. Most of the tutorials I have found online searching for things to make. I hope you will find a few that you like whether it be for your daughters or yourself. Don't forget to click on the "Older Posts" at the bottom over to the right to see more samples.


A little about me. I am a SAHM who runs a very successful Hand Stamped Jewelry business Bead Creations International LLC with my husband who works a full time job and drives 100 miles a day, comes home and stamps for me. I also homeschool my 7 year old daughter and sometimes use my Real Estate license to help clients sell or purchase a home. We keep very busy. I became addicted to making bows for my daughter and had so many tutorials saved in my favorites and could never find the ones I was looking for and thought..... I sure wish there was a blog out there with all kinds of tutorials on how to make different bows. That is when I thought maybe I should do this, that is where it all begin. It is time consuming but I do enjoy finding new things to add to my blog.  I can create a post and schedule it to post at any time and when I get a few minutes (which is not very often) or I can schedule several posts and not have to worry about it for a week or two.  I hope you enjoy my blog and get some great ideas. I love the fact that I can make bows to match my daughters outfits and not have to purchase them for $4-$25 plus they are great gifts too.
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