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Link Party No.6 "Will See It Wednesday"

Welcome to my Link Party No.6 "Will See It Wednesday" .  Click the "Read More" link below to enter your projects. 

Hairband Bandanna Tutorial by Shannon Makes Stuff

Click Here to see the tutorial on how to make this headband.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What I made this Weekend #11

My daughter wanted this dress so bad when we were in Prescott, AZ about a month ago so I bought it for her under one condition is that we could find something to wear under it or a little jacket or something to wear over it for church.  The weekend before Easter we searched the whole mall for something for this dress and nothing.  I finally found a brown short sleeve top online to go under it so my daughter got to keep the dress.  Here is what I ended up making.  The second picture is the headband on top of part of the dress. My daughter has gorgeous hair down to her butt so we usually curl it for church. 

I made four rolled flowers at different sizes and glued them to a piece of dark brown felt (arranged them how I wanted).  I covered a cheap headband with the fabric I used on one of the rolled flowers.  The centers of these are scrapbook brad.


Ruffly Headband by Heart of Light

Click Here to see the tutorial on how to make this headband.

Monday, May 23, 2011

DIY Vintage Lace Headband by Ruffled

Click Here to see the tutorial on how to make this headband.


Headband Week

I decided this week I will feature headbands.  My daughter wears headbands almost everyday but does not like the ones that have elastic or tie behind her head. I purchased a really cute headband from Naartjie a few months back for my daughter but she did not like it since it had elastic behind her head, I finally got her to try it again and she was okay with it while we were out shopping for the afternoon. 

If you know of any cute headband tutorials please send me the link I may post it. 

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Link Party No.5 "Will See It Wednesday"

Welcome to my Link Party No.5 "Will See It Wednesday" .  Click the "Read More" link below to enter your projects. 

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Small Scalloped Fabric Bows – My Tutorial

In this tutorial I am making two small scalloped fabric bows. These are the perfect size for a small child (only using one bow) or a larger child who wears pig tails or some other style that you would need two bows. If you only need to make one of these then you will only need the materials to make one. 

Here is what they look like when they are complete.



  1. Big Shot (do not need this you can cut the circles by hand.) 
  2. Circle Die (do not need this if you cut the circles by hand).    
  3. Pinking Shears
  4. Glue Gun
  5. Brad, button or some kind of embellishment. 
  6. Fabric Circles
  7. Felt Circle for the back
  8. Covered Hair Clips



This is how many circles you need to make two bows. 

  • 8 – 2” circles
  • 8 – 1  1/2” circles

This picture only shows 4 of the 8 circles in both sizes since I had already used my pinking shears on the other circles.


Here are the other 4 of the 8 each circles.  I barely went around the edges of the circle with the pinking shears to give it this look.


Here is the 8 circles of each size.  Note: If you only want to make one of these bows you only need 4 larger circles and 4 smaller circles.


I do this for each circle.  I turn it on its back side and pit a dab of hot glue in the center.


Then I fold the circle in half.


So they are all like this.


  1. Then I take my first large piece #1 and put glue on it in a “L” shape (see picture #4 and #7 you can see the glue better on those pictures).
  2. After I put the glue on I take another large piece and place it on top of the first piece.
  3. Make sure you put glue down on the second piece before you put the third piece down.
  4. After you glue the 4th piece (only put the glue in the “L” shape as seen in pic #4)  see picture #5 you will take the bottom of the first piece (orange) and will pull it on top of the 4th piece (see pictures #6 and #7) and glue it like it shows in picture #7.

Note: I usually try to take my two darker pieces and put them on opposite sides and the lighter colors on opposite sides to me it looks better but you can arrange them how ever you want. 


You will do this with the other larger set then the two smaller sets.  You should have two  2” sets and two 1 1/2” sets. You can make them any size you want. 


I then take the smaller sets and place them on top of the larger set how you want them.  If you are using a button them glue the top part to the bottom part if you are using brads then no glue is needed the brads will hold them in place.


Then I figure out what I want to use to decorate the top of them with.  I added another sample set so you can see there is so many color possibilities with these bows.  I decided to use scrapbook brads for the centers of these bows. 


The way these bows are made it really makes it easy to get the brads through the center (since there is already a little hole there).  Take the brad and pull out the sides so it is flat on the back.


Then I take my 1 1/2” felt circles and cover them with hot glue and cover the back side of my bows.


Then I take my ribbon covered hair clips and glue them on the back.


Here is the final results:



I would love to see what you come up with feel free to email me pictures of what you have made using this tutorial if I get several pictures I will post them for everyone to see.

Anthropologie Knock-Off Pin/Brooch/Hair Clip by Kojo Designs

Click Here to see the tutorial on how to make this brooch.


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