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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I made this Weekend #11

My daughter wanted this dress so bad when we were in Prescott, AZ about a month ago so I bought it for her under one condition is that we could find something to wear under it or a little jacket or something to wear over it for church.  The weekend before Easter we searched the whole mall for something for this dress and nothing.  I finally found a brown short sleeve top online to go under it so my daughter got to keep the dress.  Here is what I ended up making.  The second picture is the headband on top of part of the dress. My daughter has gorgeous hair down to her butt so we usually curl it for church. 

I made four rolled flowers at different sizes and glued them to a piece of dark brown felt (arranged them how I wanted).  I covered a cheap headband with the fabric I used on one of the rolled flowers.  The centers of these are scrapbook brad.



  1. so pretty!! how did you make that?

  2. Very nice! You did a very good job. I love the headband. Keep it up!


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