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Monday, September 5, 2011

September Bow Swap

I am going to have my first bow swap. How this will work is you send me 5 bows (they can be all the same style/color if you want or all different your choice but each one needs to be at least a $4.00 value or more) and you will get 5 different bows back someone else made.  I will allow the first 50 ladies that want to do this swap.  The cost for this bow swap is $6.00 per person.  This money will cover shipping your new bows (someone else made) to you and for packaging, labels, tape, paypal fees (will have a delivery confirmation), my time (I only will use small bubble mailers so if they are bows that can not be smashed and easily fluffed I will not be responsible for them in shipping).

1. Send me an email to fabricbowsandmore at gmail dot com with a picture of some of the bows you have made or your Etsy or Website links (the pictures do not have to be great quality I will not be using them for anything but to see what type of bows you make).  In your email I will need you to put in the subject line: “September Bow Swap”.  I will contact you and let you know you were approved.

2. You will need to send me 5 bows you made by by Friday September 30th (I must have in hand).

3. After you are approved I will then start sending you your Paypal Money requests (these need to be paid for with in 48 hours or you will be dropped from this bow swap).  These are non refundable after 24 hours of payment. The first 50 ladies that complete their money requests will be able to do this swap. If I do not receive your bows and it says delivered by Sept 30, 2011 I will not refund you your money.

4. Please allow 2 weeks (hopefully sooner) for me to sort and ship out your swapped bows.  You should have your “New” bows by October 15th or sooner.  Please do not contact me asking when and if your bows have shipped.  If you do not have them by October 20th then you can contact me they should for sure be there by then.

This bow swap can/will include: Bows, Headbands something that is worn in the hair.  All bows must have a clip on the back to be able to wear in your hair.  All bows must be finished and ready to wear. Please make sure everything is glued on good so I do not have to fix anything before shipping.  This first bow swap is only for the US.  I may include Canada and Australia in the next one. 


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