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Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I Made This Weekend #17

Wow it has been since July since I have posted on this “What I Made This Weekend” series.  I have been dying to make these fabric headbands for a long time and so I finally make two of them this weekend. 

This one was my first one.  This was one of my daughters new Naartjie outfits I purchased last week, I wanted to make something to match it.  I was really happy with the outcome of this headband my daughter loved it.  It looks so cute with this outfit.  The two flowers are a little different than each other.  I think I liked the second headband flower better.


Here is the second headband I made for my daughter to match one of her dresses for church.  Her hair is almost black, I did not like the black flower in the center so I added a rhinestone button and it made it look so much nicer.  You can get beautiful Rhinestone Buttons from Sassy Paci Boutique.


This picture shows the dress I made it to match it.


Now to find the time to make more of these headbands.


  1. Very cute! You sewed them and everything, you're such a good mom :) I love her Naartjie outfit. They have such good quality, and adorable, clothes.

  2. so adorable. i have been wanting to know how to make those. i bought one and would like to make it next time. love!


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