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Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Towel Rosettes / Towel Bag w/ Rosettes

I found the cutest towel tutorial the other day and rushed out to the store to see if I could find a towel like the sample since this was my first attempt and I thought stripes would work best.  Here is the Towel Tutorial by Loads and Loads of Love and Laundry.  You only need one towel to make this bag. 

Here is my attempt.  I did not know what to do with my scraps off the edges so I decided to make some rosettes with them and add some bling.  Who would have thought to make rosettes with towel scraps? I attached them to the bag with velcro and sewed the bottom velcro on the towel so I could remove them and wash the bag.

My daughter is so excited to go to her swimming class on Monday so she can take this bag,



  1. It turned out amazing!! I love, love the towel rosettes! Great idea! I'm sharing this on my facebook page!

  2. super cute... would be great for th beach or pool :-)


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