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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Button Cover Supplier / New Sponsor

I have been on a button cover supplier hunt for a few months and found a great supplier called Everything Ribbons. If you are not familiar with these button covers here is a great tutorial on how to make these button covers.  Click Here for the tutorial.

Here are a few of the buttons I made:


Everything Ribbons does carry these button covers (my old covers) but I like the ones below with out the tab on the back.  I had to get my pliers out and bend down the back every time.  I guess there is a way to remove it but I never figured it out. 


I prefer these with out the little tab on the back they are so nice. After covering my buttons it is ready to glue on to my bows.


Here are a few more supplies Everything Ribbons carries in their Etsy Shop.  I suggest you check them out they have more than what it posted here. 



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