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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shabby Chiffon Flowers

I am so excited to share these flowers with you.  Megan from Pampered Princess Pretties was so kind to send me several of each color of these Shabby Chiffon Flowers to try out.  The flowers came on a strand all linked together by color.  I had to cut the mesh around each one, then I cut out felt circles for each and lined an alligator clip to finish it off.  You can see one of these up close and the back side below.  They were a lot of work to get all of these made (I made 2 of each to start out with) but so worth it.  I think we have every single outfit in my daughters closet covered with these.  These Shabby Chiffon Flowers are 2 1/2” dia so they are perfect for using one or they also work with using two in pony tails.  They looks really cute clipped on a headband with 2 or three of them at a time.  I will come back and show you some different ways to use these hopefully next week some time.  I have some idea storming in my mind with all the cute things I can do with these.

I know Pampered Princess Pretties is getting a smaller version in soon I believe they are 1 1/2” dia so a little smaller than these are.  The 2 1/2” dia (ones pictured below) are .40 ea. for the solid colors and .60 for the muli-colors.  Click Here for the link to purchase these.  Please note: This price is for the flowers only and not the items to finish it off you have to do this yourself.


These last two pictures are a sample of one of the Shabby Chiffon Flowers. 


This is the backside of one (they do not come this way you have to add on the felt and clip).pic2


  1. THanks for posting this... i was just on Etsy looking for flowers like this so i can do this..and then i came to check ur blog out and i seen these:)) and the website u recommended is way cheaper..so im off to check it out!!!thanks again!!!

  2. I love those little flowers!

    I'm hosting a fabric giveaway this week over at my blog - stop by when you get a chance: http://www.jaqsstudio.com/2011/08/fabric-love-21-fabric-giveaway-end-of.html


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