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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What I Made This Weekend #19

A little story behind these first two headbands.  I have a real estate customer that had 6-7 old shirts that did not fit him anymore and asked me if I wanted them for my husband to wear.  I said sure and brought them home.  My husband never wore them since they were button down shirts.  Last year my husband lost 45 lbs and now wears a size large shirts these x-large shirts are way to big for him and he never wore them anyways. I liked the designs on them and got thinking these would make perfect headbands I just happened to have some shirts that matched them.  So here are two headbands that I made out of old button down shirts.


My new obsession is rhinestone buttons.  I have a ton of them now lol.  I listed some of my Shabby J Headwraps on Etsy and now they all have the rhinestone buttons on them.  Wow! they look so much better with “bling”.

Here they are with bling (If you are interested in them click on the picture it will take you to my etsy site).  These are the actual headwraps you will receive and ready to ship.

The first picture is of my daughter wearing a headwrap:


Here is what is on my Etsy site:



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