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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sponsor Product Review

iusb_760x100_8003479Jeni from The Fancy Schmancy Boutique is one of our new sponsors and sent me one of her tutorials from her Etsy shop called: No SEW Pouting Princess Fabric Flower PDF to try out and review.

First of all I have never actually gone out and purchased a bow tutorial, so one of the things I have to consider is whether or not I would want to purchase this tutorial after having used and reviewed it.

These are some of the things I really liked about Jeni's tutorial:

  • · It was very easy to read, the text was nice and large; I did not even need to put on my reading glasses!
  • · The tutorial was very nicely put together so that basically anyone, even a first-timer could figure it out.
  • · There are a lot of very helpful pictures. I love good pictures showing how to do something, it is much easier to follow than just plain text.
  • · Directions included suggestions on how to create the flower either smaller or larger as well as how to cut your fabric without the edges fraying.

I ended up making two different bows with the No Sew Pouting Princess Fabric Flower Tutorial one is more of a dressy look with satin and lace the other was made with 4 different color/patterns of fabric.

Here are some pictures of the two flowers I made by following the directions in the tutorial:


So my final thoughts..... I highly recommend The Fancy Schmancy Boutique's No SEW Pouting Princess Fabric Flower tutorial . It is clear, concise, and easy to follow, all the features are excellent and the end result is fantastic! So would I buy it? Most definitely! I consider it worth every penny of the $6.95 asking price, and right now you can even get it through the end of June for 15% off!

Just Click Here to go to Jeni's Etsy site and use the code: june2011.  Here are a few of the tutorials you will find on the Fancy Schmancy Boutique's Etsy site:


Fancy Schmancy Button For Tutorials125


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