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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fabric Flower I made at the last minute today.

I got my daughter ready today and realized she did not have a bow that matched her outfit so of course I got out my stuff and hurried to make her something that would match her outfit.  The green matched the outfit perfect.  My daughter is so funny now she will tell me she needs a new bow for everything she wears around the house NOT.  This bow was made with my big shots but could not find the die I use to make it with online or I would show you what one I used.  I purchased it at Joann’s.  If you are using a big shot machine to make these bows make sure you get the thinker dies I think they are 5/8” I got some that were 1/8” and they did not work they cut paper but would not cut through the fabric. 


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  1. thanks for sharing!!!!!
    greetings from Chile :)


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